toned mi hair lavender again….guna try real hard this thyme to keep it this color

i stick my tongue out and press each banana chip into if for abt 3 seconds before letting it into my mouth

i am waiting for bus.i just caved n bought another pack of cigs and walked around downtown smoking and eating banana chips w/my headphones on and evry 1 was starring at me because I’m an angel????

drawing with my eyes closed for a bit.then opening them again. I see things in my sleep and they caution me

feeling better today…….helping my housemate paint the garage where she’ll b living soon. i’m getting kisses goodbye……sleeping at strange times. the rain is starting and won’t stop for months now

long listy thing of good news and bad news

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my depression//anxiety has been really awful to me lately and there hasn’t been much for me to do abt besides this 1thing which is i walk from my house all the way downtown to capital lake then i walk around the lake then i walk back home and it is abt an 8 mile walk with some steep hills and i just listen to angel olsen on repeat and think abt nothing except for maybe how the sun feels or “wow look at that cute dog” and my legs feel so good and strong so now i can sometimes say to myself “yes. i am good too iam strong too.”

this week's horoscope


Aries - wake up very early in the morning and let your lovers sleep. be selfish and keep this time to yourself. buy a tea kettle for occasions like this. your body deserves better than water heated in a microwave. don’t think about anybody else. sit in your back yard or on your balcony. 
Taurus - don’t let anyone make you feel like an outsider for finding inspiration in sad things.
Gemini - let yourself become overwhelmed and let it out. sob and take a hot shower and cleanse yourself of your anxiety. let it melt down the drain.
Cancer - eat a monomeal because sometimes your body just needs ten apples or five doughnuts.
Leo - i hope you know that your achievements move me and make me cry because i am so proud of you.
Virgo - stand up taller and close your jaw. speak only with your eyes and the way you walk.
Libra - stop trying to grip onto ghosts.
Scorpio - quit arching your back and parting your mouth so often when your audience is unresponsive. 
Sagittarius - i wish you could love yourself the way that i love you.
Capricorn - i hope you can learn to forget him
Aquarius -  don’t let anyone put their hands on you. 
Pisces - i want to be what helps filter the buzzing out your head. i don’t want you to wake up feeling like a honeycomb anymore.


snow fort


snow fort

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eskimeaux – Siren or Providence? (12 plays)